What Happened with the Globoforce IPO?

Posted by: Steve Smith Date: Apr 7, 2014 1:45:50 AM

Topics: HR Tech

In the enterprise technology industry, the most noteworthy IPO of the year so far is one that didn’t happen — Globoforce. As a category leader in rewards and recognition, its IPO was anticipated to be a landmark moment — the first major publicly traded company in the category. However, when the company abruptly postponed its IPO on March 20 citing unfavorable market conditions, many people in enterprise technology circles were confused. We believe it’s important to explain what’s going on at all levels, and we hope that this analysis will bring some clarity and sanity to the discourse. Want to learn more? Download the full Industry Bulletin from The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit.

How could market conditions be more favorable than right now? We’re seeing the best IPO market in 15 years, and enterprise technology companies that focus on HR and HCM — such as Workday and Cornerstone OnDemand — have been among the market’s hottest IPOs recently for a reason. These are fast-growth companies that address a significant market need. Demand for integrated, cloud-based HR and HCM solutions is growing rapidly as businesses see the benefits and value these technologies create — reducing risk and cost, increasing efficiency and agility, and making it easier to attract, retain, develop, and engage talent. Depending on whose numbers you cite, the total addressable market for HR/HCM technologies is $14 billion to $24 billion. However, IDC expects the market size for recognition solutions alone to reach $32 billion by 2016. And TSCIU actually believes the total addressable market is much higher for both.


This Week in the World: Globoforce IPO, The New Tech Unit, and Productivity

Posted by: Lizzie Maldonado Date: Apr 4, 2014 1:45:37 AM

Topics: Truth

The Globoforce IPO: Is There a Cloud Bubble About to Burst?

Is the market’s interest in enterprise software and HR technology waning? Or is there a dangerous misunderstanding of business, billing, and growth models? Download this must-read Industry Bulletin and find out.


2 Counterintuitive Productivity Hacks that Might Change the Way You Think About Work

Posted by: Lizzie Maldonado Date: Apr 3, 2014 1:45:39 AM

Topics: Truth

This week, we’re talking about improving productivity. I am a little bit of a freak about productivity. I’ve heard a lot of tips and hacks over the past few years about how to improve the way we get work done so we can do more in less time and, ultimately, maintain work/life balance. A lot of tips out there recommend increasing the number of apps and tools you use to manage your workflow. While I do think there are some tools (I’m a fan of the Tomato Timer and paper to-do lists) that can increase your ability to focus and get work done, for the most part, I think productivity can be improved through self-management.

Sometimes it can be as simple as setting boundaries for yourself (will the world stop if you don’t check your email after hours?) and changing the way you think about work. Check out these two unique productivity hacks that might change the way you work: