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3 Reasons You Should Create an AdvocateHub

Being a B2B CMO can often feel a lot like this:

You know, talking to a wall.

Every good marketer knows finding and promoting your messages to the right audience is incredibly important. However, chances are, you’re missing a super-valuable audience that can bring you tons of business. And they’re right under your nose.

But first, some stats:

  • 91 percent of B2B buyers are influenced by word of mouth when making buying decisions.
  • 84 percent of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products, making those recommendations the most trustworthy source of advertising.
  • 90 percent of respondents acknowledged that customer marketing is somewhat or very important.
  • 93 percent of organizations expect that their customer marketing efforts will take on greater importance over the next year, and 62 percent will increase their staff or budgets in the customer marketing area.

In short, people trust people they know. And B2B marketers are catching on by leveraging an important audience: their advocates. Which leads us to advocate marketing.

What the Heck Is Advocate Marketing?

In a nutshell, advocate marketing enables you to create messages and marketing materials directed at promoter clients. It’s a great way for your customers to keep in touch with you, and it’s a great way for you to ask those clients for referrals and reviews.

One of the most effective channels for advocate marketing is an AdvocateHub. An AdvocateHub enables you to create challenges for your promoter clients in a fun and engaging way. It also enables you to educate your clients about potential product upsells, grow your social following, and gamify asking for referrals.

We at The Starr Conspiracy are certified AdvocateHub partners, and we’d love to talk to you about creating an AdvocateHub, if you’re interested.

How Do I Know If I Should Create an AdvocateHub?

So glad you asked. Here are three reasons why you should create an AdvocateHub:

1. You Have High NPS Scores

If your net promoter scores are off the charts, (1) congratulations and (2) you might be the right candidate for an AdvocateHub. You have a healthy database of current customers who love you and who would be perfect to engage with.

2. You Have a Vocal Client Base

If your clients have massive audiences and know a lot of people you should be talking to, you might be the right candidate for an AdvocateHub. Asking for referrals gets a whole lot juicier when you know your advocates not only have a great pool of opportunity for new business — but that they’ll also sing your praises to that pool of prospects.

3. You Have a High Retention Rate

If you have a loyal client base, you might be the right candidate for an AdvocateHub. An AdvocateHub allows you the opportunity to connect with that loyal client base as often as you want, and allows you the ability to inform them about upsells and product improvements.

If Any of These Qualifiers Apply to You, You Should Look Into an AdvocateHub

You should see great success with your AdvocateHub. In short, you’ll see less of this:

Sorry, wall.

And more of this:

You know, celebrating.

So, what do you think?

Is creating an AdvocateHub right for you? Do you need to know a little more to be interested? Let us know in the comments.

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