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3 Things You Must Know About the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards


If you weren’t at InfluenceHR last week, you missed out on a few announcements and a great conference with nearly 100 of your peers. We’ll get you all up to speed, but first, we wanted to tell you three things about The InfluenceHR Marketing Awards that we announced on Thursday.

1. It’s for the in-house marketers who get it

We’re not afraid to blow our own horn when the time is right but that’s not what this is about. These awards are about highlighting the great work HCM marketers are doing in our space. As one marketer told us, “We need the recognition to get bigger budgets and to take bigger chances.” 

2. There’s eight categories

You don’t need dozens of categories so you can know who got third place for writing a white paper between 2,200 and 2,500 words. Let’s get down to who’s the best. Who did the best job putting together an integrated campaign? Who dropped the biggest marketing innovation on the market? That’s what everyone wants to know. 

3. This is for HCM

We’re putting together an all-star, independent panel of judges from inside and outside of HCM who can help judge this one-of-a-kind award. There are a lot of awards that you can apply for and we’ve won our share. This one is specific to HCM because we want to see the bar raised for marketing in this space as much as everyone.

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