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4 Must-Read Advocate Marketing Resources

advocate-marketingCustomer advocacy is all the rage. Through digital, gamified hubs, brands are leveraging advocate marketing technology to give happy customers and brand fans a place to harness their energy into measurable brand interactions like referring new customers, social media shares, and contributing to testimonials and case studies. 

Whether you’re just gaining interest in customer advocacy or you already have an advocate marketing program of your own, these four resources will help you make the case for advocacy and understand the trends of where it’s going. 

1. How to Create True Customer Advocates

This blog post on Harvard Business Review blog network gives some great advice on the most important element of customer advocacy programs: creating positive customer experiences and focusing on customer success. Read the full post to learn more.

2. How to Create a Customer Advocacy Program 

This contributor post on Forbes gives some starting advice for those looking to learn more about starting their own customer advocacy programs. Read this starter’s guide to learn more.

3. Tip the Balance from Reference Customers to Advocates

Be sure to check out this research from Forrester via Influitive for more information on where advocacy is now and where it’s headed next. Build a foundation of knowledge around advocacy before endeavoring on your first advocate marketing program. Download the research here.

4. Is 2014 the Year of Advocacy Marketing? 

Gartner Research Director Hank Barnes dives into the rise of advocacy — customers trust peers more than they trust you. Will 2014 be the year of advocacy marketing? Find out in this blog post.

Announcing: The Starr Conspiracy Discovers Pandemic for Good Business

We are proud to announce a partnership between customer advocacy platform Influitive and The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit. Check out the press release to learn more about the partnership and what it includes. We have become advocacy ninjas at The Starr Conspiracy — by running our own advocacy hub, participating in Influitive’s VIP hub, and by playing — and winning — the Pandemic contest run by Influitive. Our competitive nature is definitely piqued with the gamification within Influitive’s platform. We think yours will be too. 

If you’re interested in learning more about The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit advocate marketing services, please contact the tech unit at or visit

In the meantime, to learn more about advocacy, download this white paper, “The Advocate Marketing Playbook” from Influitive. It’s got some great tips on how you can start increasing your referrals, recommendations, and social media shares. Must read for anyone interested in launching their own advocate marketing program.