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5 Critical Workplace Wellness Trends: More Vendor Choice

TSCIU-WellnessTrends-thumbWorkplace wellness is here to stay. But at the same time, it’s an evolving and immature industry. As wellness puts on its big-boy pants, it will merge into employee engagement, with the roles of consumerism, validation, and total quality of life taking center stage. 

In our recent e-book, “Workplace Wellness: 5 Critical Trends for 2014 and Beyond” by The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, Lou Chapman covers five critical trends for 2014: 

  1. More vendor choice (and increased confusion) 
  2. The continued merger of wellness with employee engagement
  3. Increased consumerism (including devices, motivation, and incentives) 
  4. Heightened need for validation of results and market segmenting
  5. Greater focus on total quality of life 

More vendor choice, more confusion 

If you’re a vendor that offers status-quo workplace wellness programs, the fitness industry is probably weighing heavily on your mind as of late. The fitness industry has cast its eye on corporate wellness and is putting pressure on traditional health-based wellness vendors. And while traditional vendors have had a striking advantage from the start, the influence of the consumer fitness industry on corporate wellness is forcing leading vendors to rethink their goals and how they reach them. 

How can you blame fitness for trying to get a piece of corporate wellness action? With 51 percent of employers with 50 or more works offering wellness programs, there’s no shortage of potential growth for the space. There are an estimated 500 vendors selling wellness programs — but the industry’s value is approximately $6 billion. 

What does the fitness industry have in store for workplace wellness? And how can traditional vendors stay competitive and set themselves apart? Find out more this week, while we dive into our recent release, “Workplace Wellness: 5 Critical Trends for 2014 and Beyond.” (Or, skip ahead and download the e-book now).