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8 Email Marketing Stats You Should Know for 2014

Salesforce and ExactTarget released the 2014 State of Marketing report recently and email marketing fans will be delighted to know the data is on their side — email marketing is still poised to be digital marketing priority no. 1 for 2014.

Check out these eight key stats on email marketing that you should know for the upcoming year:

  • 88% of marketers said email was their organization’s primary area of focus for digital marketing.

  • 97% of all marketers stated email will be their no. 1 priority for digital marketing in 2014.

  • 58% of marketers stated they were going to increase their budget for email marketing in 2014.

  • 13% of marketers stated they have more than five people working on their email team, another 13% said they have a four- or five-person team, 46% claim two or three people are responsible and 28% state there is one person responsible for email marketing in their organization.

  • 47% of marketers said driving increased conversion rates was their top priority for email marketing.

  • Brand awareness was a close 2nd priority, with 46% of marketers stating the increase and improvement of awareness is their top goal.

  • 29% of marketers claim their top priority for email marketing is the collection and utilization of behavioral data.

  • 6% of marketers said they launch more than 100 million sends every year. 3% were between 50 and 100 million, another 3% between 25 and 50 million, and 5% between 10 and 50 million.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunities earned through a strategic email marketing program this year. If you’re not making the most of your house list, lifecycle marketing campaigns, or effectively monitoring email performance, this might be your year to step up your email marketing game.

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