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Adventures in Copy Editing

I’m a member of The Starr Conspiracy’s Quality Control team. My job is to keep typos, awkward writing, grammatical errors, and other embarrassing mistakes from leaving the shop. Sometimes I have to be a pain in the ass and ask people to rewrite stuff, ask stupid questions, and spend way more time than a sane person would ever want to with my nose in the dictionary and the AP Stylebook. I also do a lot of random Google searches to verify names, places, addresses, phone numbers, and other miscellaneous information. Facts don’t check themselves, people.

And it’s all worth it, because it prevents stuff like this from happening.


No, not “eveything” needs to be done in a New York minute. Especially editing.


Why ask questions when you can make confounding exclamations?


Let’s hope whoever wrote this ad didn’t write the software.


Maybe Mitt should have used some of his campaign funds to hire a copy editor.


Typos are all fun and giggles until they happen to you. Do you have someone on your marketing team who knows the difference between “that” and “which” or “it’s” and “its”? Or someone who’s willing to crack open a dictionary when they’re unsure about a word’s meaning or use? If not, maybe you should do some serious thinking and find someone who truly understands how the English language works.

And if you like laughing at other people’s grammatical pain, take a look at this article. And this one.