Why We Threw Our Hierarchical Org Chart Down the Waterfall

How many layers of management and bureaucracy are there between the decision-maker and the people doing the work at your organization?

Maybe a few? Maybe a lot?

Ever get sick of getting feedback — on someone else’s feedback — that someone else will have to provide feedback on before something is ever approved or finished?

In an intentionally slow but ever-improving process that’s taken place over the course of the last couple of years, we threw out our hierarchical and traditional org chart for a flatter structure in an effort to become an Agile agency, and the results have been measurable, to say the least.

Your New Logo Is Not a New Brand

As a user of the popular music streaming service Spotify, I learned that they had decided to revamp their color palette to a different shade of green. I discovered this by simply logging in to my computer one day and noticing not everything was quite the way that it was. So they decided to update their color palette. No big deal, right?

Small Businesses and HR? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Recently, AMC hosted “Mob Week,” a week dedicated to all your favorite mob movies. Well played, AMC.