How to Identify the Correct Social Media KPIs for Brand Awareness

For many marketers, social media is the great white buffalo of a marketing plan. With its many moving parts, many shy away from it or use it ineffectively because they’re unsure of how to match social media key performance indicators, or KPIs, with their brand objectives. But even if KPIs are being measured, measuring the wrong ones often leads marketers to believe that their social media efforts aren’t providing real ROI. Here is a brief walkthrough to help you identify which social KPIs are most important for brand awareness.

Measuring Facebook ROI in the B2B Space

Most marketing managers won’t even consider adding social media to their marketing mix unless ROI can be proven in black and white. Many are under the impression that social media simply doesn’t work in the B2B space, and that social is only good for customer service and personal use.

Facebook Has a New Algorithm, Do You Have a New Strategy?

Back in August, Facebook announced to the world that it would be updating its algorithm yet again. This is nothing new for Facebook, as it has already changed its algorithm seven other times this year alone. But rewind back to June of this year, when perhaps the biggest blow to marketers’ social media strategy was dealt.