Arts Goggle 2012 at The Starr Conspiracy HQ in Fort Worth

Last Saturday, The Starr Conspiracy participated in ArtsGoggle, the Near Southside semiannual festival. We opened our doors for local artists to display their works inside our Magnolia Avenue offices for an evening, while in true Starr Conspiracy fashion, we provided beer, wine and munchies.

Jury Duty

My name is Katie Pool. I am an account executive here at The Starr Conspiracy.

There Is More To Ireland Than Riverdance

Are you ready for this? I’m about to lay some serious knowledge on you about some of the most traditional music that still exists today — Irish music. No, this post will not be about Riverdance, so you can go ahead and refocus now. I’m talking about the Irish music that’s been around for centuries. Music that is so much more than lyrics and a melody. It’s stories about the people, the culture and its history. Songs that talk about the fight for freedom in Kilmainham Gaol, the strength of the people during the famine, and the characters who walk the streets of Dublin and Galway day in and day out.