All Fun and Games: The Skinny on Game-Based Learning

You’ve probably heard of casual learning. It’s this idea that learning can be enhanced by making it mobile-enabled; combining games, video, and other immersive experience to truly engage learners in bite-sized learning sessions. While some have called it a fad, the sophistication of these programs — even in their earlier stages — coupled with the […]

Three Ways to Push the Marketing Innovation Envelope #InfluenceHR

Innovation. It’s a word that gets overused, especially when it comes to the HCM space. Everything is innovative, from payroll systems, to the latest ATS, or even time entry systems. Yes, time entry systems that use retina scans to verify your identity make me feel a little like Jason Bourne but application also counts. If […]

Four Ways to Add Some Pop to Content Marketing #InfluenceHR

At The Starr Conspiracy, we’re no strangers to content marketing. While we do a lot of work for our clients, it also means treating ourselves like we would our clients. That’s why we produce and give away more content for HCM marketers than anyone else. We’re always looking for new ways to add some sizzle […]

Today is Your Last Day to Save Big on #InfluenceHR

If you’ve been twiddling your fingers, wondering when the right time to buy your ticket to InfluenceHR Vegas might be, you can stop. The time is now. Register today. If you wait until tomorrow, you’ll be paying more for a show you know you’ll want to attend.

More Investment in Recruiting Tech as SmashFly Secures $9M in Series A Funding

Yesterday, SmashFly announced that it secured $9M in funding, led by OpenView Venture Partners. The recruitment marketing platform plans to use the funding to build out product capabilities, as well as sales and marketing resources as they look to expand. George Roberts, the partner from OpenView who will be joining the board, said in the […]

Next-Generation Learning is on the Rise but Don’t Abandon Traditional Learning Yet

While traditional, compliance-driven learning won’t be leaving the building anytime soon, next-generation learning functionality — focused on casual, continuous, bite-size, and user-contributed content — is taking center stage with many buyers. In fact, 94% of learning buyers in our recent research believe that the working style of employees is different today and that new approaches […]

Learning is at the core of talent management

This week, we’ll be covering our newest research on the learning management buyer. You can download the full report for free here. During the rise of talent management technology over the past 20 years, learning has taken a back seat to performance management. Of course, the shortcomings of performance management are well documented, and the death […]

3 Things You Must Know About the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards

If you weren’t at InfluenceHR last week, you missed out on a few announcements and a great conference with nearly 100 of your peers. We’ll get you all up to speed, but first, we wanted to tell you three things about The InfluenceHR Marketing Awards that we announced on Thursday.

The Melding of Enterprise and SMB HCM

One of the most interesting trends from our latest ebook has to do with the blurring lines between enterprise technology with technology for small and medium sized businesses. Consider:

Top 4 Employee Recognition Trends of 2014

Our friends over at Quantum Workplace have released a new report on 2014 trends in employee recognition that is worth a download. If you work with recognition and engagement — either as an employer or HCM vendor — here are some of the top trends we saw from the report.   

Your Prep Guide For InfluenceHR

InfluenceHR is coming soon. We’re starting to see the first batch of tickets being sold at our very aggressive early bird pricing. But, before the big day, you’ll want to bone up on some necessary reading. Use this list of resources to help guide your research before the event.

InfluenceHR is More Important Than Ever for HCM Marketers

If you have been paying attention to some of the work The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit has been doing, you know why we think InfluenceHR is so important. If you haven’t been paying close attention to the trends in HCM, let me sum it up for you:

The Brief Truth About Briefings (And Why We’re Interested Now)

With George LaRocque joining The Starr Conspiracy, we figured now is a good time to write about vendor briefings since we’ll be doing a lot more of them in the coming months. What’s a briefing, why do HR vendors do them, why do we care, and what does it all mean?

Big Moves at SAP and Workday Highlight a Big First Quarter in HCM

We know the end of the first quarter of 2014 is still three weeks away but given how much has happened in the last two months, you can’t blame us for thinking we’ve got more than enough new deals to chew on. Last week, The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit dropped two industry bulletins on Workday […]

The Monster Acquisitions, and the Evolution of Job Boards

One of the more recognizable aspects of the HCM category to the general public over the last 15 years have been job boards. Whether it has been the Super Bowl commercials or just the general consumer-facing nature of the services, they are some of the best known brands outside of the primary HR buyer audience.

Klout is Kool, but Bright is Better

Klout will be acquired by Lithium Technologies according to multiple reports. While that’s cool for a lot of reasons (most of which have to do with Lithium’s B2B product), we know that there is going to be roughly twelve billion posts on the subject in the coming days. Those posts will probably talk a lot […]

Four Ways to Make Telecommuting Work as a B2B Employer

I am currently the lone, full-time telecommuting employee at The Starr Conspiracy. I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last, though. I’ve been working for other companies remotely for four and a half years in a B2B environment and there are some pretty straight-forward ways to make telecommuting work for both the employer […]

5 Thoughtful Gifts To Get The HR Blogger In Your Life

Everyone in HR is blogging these days. And, being an HR blogger myself, I know that the perfect gifts aren’t always easy to think of. Usually, I end up getting things like candy, t-shirts, and whatever other random swag vendors happen to have laying around at the end of the year. I appreciate it, really. […]