Introducing the Lightpaper and the Learning Technology Brand Report

White papers are dead. Long live the Lightpaper!

Here at The Starr Conspiracy, we're changing B2B marketing forever. One of the ways we do that best is by challenging the status quo and making changes where traditional marketing activities aren't cutting it for enterprise software and services companies. 

Join Us In #InfluenceHR MORE

We're proud to launch an exciting, exclusive community for InfluenceHR attendees and HCM technology vendor executives who are involved in taking their product or company to market and interested in joining in the industry conversation.

Friday Roundup: Inc. 5000 and Casual Learning

Well, this is awkward. And we don't do this often. We had a big week at The Starr Conspiracy — so this week's Friday Roundup is dedicated to sharing some relevant industry news, an update on the agency, some killer blog posts we shared this week, and an invitation to an event that will transform your marketing strategy. 

Without, further ado — the Friday recap: