English Majors: Putting Useless Talents to Work for Your Content Team

Throughout the movie Planet Terror, protagonist Cherry Darling frequently counts off her various “useless talents.” I can relate. My plethora of useless talents is what led to me major in English. Inspiring, right? I can draw cats and unicorns, play guitar, sing, write fiction, bake delicious vegan cookies — those are all cool talents, but in college I decided to go with the least useless of my useless talents, so I majored in English.

The English program at my university mainly focused on literature, but that doesn’t mean I’m limited solely to writing feminist critiques of J.D. Salinger’s oeuvre. English majors are pretty versatile. In my career, I’ve done layout, editing, writing, blogging, project management, mentoring, and more. I originally set out to go into teaching, but quickly found that writing, editing, and layout suit my introverted nature better.

InfluenceHR Is Just Two Days Away — Are You Ready?

InfluenceHR is just two days away! This one-day event is going to help you transform your company. If you haven’t registered yet, do it now before your competition gets the memo.

This isn’t another HR conference for HR practitioners; it’s a marketing conference designed by marketers for marketers. The speakers and panelists are giving up the goods — if you don’t take advantage, your competition will. And they’ll be using insights from sessions like these to get ahead:

  • NEW! — Get the secrets behind how our keynote speaker James Thomas, CMO of Allocadia, unleashes ninja-like marketing performance management techniques to help grow your HCM business.
  • Hear about Ceridian’s award-winning customer advocacy program from SVP Howard Tarnoff, and then hear directly from a Ceridian customer and advocate about why it works.
  • Learn from the latest, most comprehensive research on the HR buyer. This time, we’ll focus on the learning market segment with Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer for our research partner, Brandon Hall Group.
  • Get inside the mind of the HR buyer with industry legend and HR sage Elaine Orler of Talent Function, along with longtime marketing and strategy expert Mark Lange of AnthroCapital.
  • And more — there’s always more …

Friday Roundup: Contextual Computing, Editing vs. Proofreading, and Giving Back

Now that you’ve managed to make it through the short workweek, it’s time to get ready for the weekend again. While you’re waiting for the bar to open, take a look at what’s been happening on TSC’s blog and beyond.