11 HR Technology Acquisitions and What They Mean for HR Tech Users

2014 got off to a fast start when it comes to mergers and acquisitions of HR technology firms. Most of the companies involved in the transactions aren’t disclosing financials; however, from a sheer number-of-deals perspective, this puts the HR technology market well ahead of its pace in 2013, which saw about 12 visible acquisitions in […]

Measuring Analytics Along the Way

Once you have decided which metrics are important for your company to track, it’s time to decide how and when you will measure and analyze the data you’ve collected. One way to get the most out of workforce analytics is to track the data continuously. When you know what’s going on at a given moment, […]

Analytics — How to Find the Right Metrics

Analytics can help you answer questions and solve problems in your organization — maybe a number of your high performers have been leaving lately and you want to know why. To use analytics effectively to answer those questions, you need to know what to measure. How do you know what to measure? A few standard […]

Make Sure Your Content Is Flawless at Every Stage of the Process

Yesterday, we talked about making your content bulletproof. But once you have your writing in shape, it’s important to make sure you don’t screw it up when it goes into layout. When you’re going from a text document to an InDesign or Illustrator file, you have a whole new list of things to look for […]

Is Your Content as Perfect as You Think It Is? Probably Not.

Words are hard, yo. Do you know how many mistakes you can make in even the smallest snippet of content, like an email, blog post, or even a small blurb on your website? Just because something looks good to your eyes, that doesn’t mean it’s actually good, let alone bulletproof. At The Starr Conspiracy, we […]

Spring ArtsGoggle on South Main

This last weekend was ArtsGoggle, the art and music festival that erupts twice a year on the Near Southside. ArtsGoggle has been going for about 10 years, and it has really grown, especially during the last few years. The event used to take place solely on Magnolia Ave., The Starr Conspiracy’s current home. But over […]

The First Tee: TSC Agents Golf for a Good Cause

Most people golf for leisure, but some TSC agents like to take their game to a higher level for a greater cause. On April 26, TSC founder Bret Starr and agent Stu Arledge participated in The First Tee of Fort Worth’s 2013 Golf Marathon — the nonprofit organization’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The annual […]

A New Look for a New Brand

You probably already know there are a lot of changes going on at The Starr Conspiracy — like our upcoming move to our new headquarters. But that’s not all that’s changing. Another change involved the executive team getting the opportunity to work with legendary LA photographers Brakha x2. Here’s a shot of Bret Starr getting […]

Sneak Peek: TSC HQ Progress Update

When we bought our new headquarters building last year, it needed a little work. The nightclub that previously inhabited the space closed suddenly and they basically left everything behind, including their questionable sense of taste. The walls were purple, red, gold, and mustard yellow. There were two plywood bars and some pretty hideous carpet. We […]

Things Are About to Get All Different Around Here

TSC HQ is not like most offices. We don’t have cubicles or individual offices. We have a cocktail cart and beer in the fridge. Our current office is in a former candy factory on Magnolia Ave., nestled among a cavalcade of restaurants, coffee shops, and a neighborhood of historic bungalows.

Infographic: What’s Up with Sales Alignment?

Getting marketing and sales on the same page is critical to the success of your company, but it’s often easier said than done. Even though most business leaders are aware of the benefits of sales alignment, many companies have trouble making it happen.

Meet Some of the Bloggers in The HR Blogger Network

This week on the blog, we’re talking about The HR Blogger Network. If you’re not familiar with The HRBN, check it out — HR software and services vendors get their ads seen on the best blogs in the space, and bloggers get paid. It’s a win-win.

When Your Employer’s As Into Rocking Out As You Are

Not long ago, we wrote about how great it is working for a company loves all the things you love. I experienced that warm, fuzzy feeling recently when my band, The Diabolical Machines, was chosen to play in the Invasion of the GoGirls showcase during SXSW.