Three Killer Infographics That Won’t Make You Want to Die

The second I see an infographic that is impossibly long and crowded with tiny numbers and illegible fonts, my eyes glaze over and I kill my browser window. If you want people to read and share your infographic, your readers can’t feel like they’re sifting through a proverbial junk drawer to find information. Here are […]

Goodbye, Magnolia — Hello, South Main

Last week, The Starr Conspiracy broke ground at its new HQ on South Main Street on Fort Worth’s Near Southside. Work on transforming the former nightclub into our new home base should be complete in time for us to move in by early May.

Bust Your Cycle and Become a Marketing Rock Star

I was introduced to the concept of busting one’s cycle about five years ago when I discovered “the show with zefrank.” Busting your cycle entails breaking a long-held routine to experience a sense of elation and/or shift in perspective. I’ve recently had to do some cycle busting of my own and found that stepping up […]

Work Stress — What’s Driving You to Eat That KFC Sadness Bowl?

The holidays are over, and everyone’s easing back into their normal work routines — things are quickly kicking back into gear at TSC HQ. Hopefully, you had some time to decompress and not stress about the eleventy-billion things waiting to be done at the office.

What the Hell Is Up with Introverts?

I’m an introvert — like, hardcore. I like people and I like socializing — but at the end of the day, I need to get away from all you people and have some “me” time. I also internalize a lot of my thoughts — I don’t need to let the world know about every idea […]

SAP Radio 2013 Predictions Show

The Starr Conspiracy will be participating in the SAP Radio’s Coffee Break with Game-Changers for a “2013 Predictions Special” on Wednesday, Dec. 19. This is a neat opportunity for us because the weekly Game-Changers show has groups of guests who talk about tech, trends, leadership, and what’s going to turn the industry on its head. […]

Surviving the Holiday Productivity Slump

December is always such a mess, especially when it comes to being productive at work. People have a lot going on during the holidays, from lighting up blow-mold Santas to airing their grievances around the Festivus pole to trying to keep from being the guy with the lampshade on his head at the company Christmas […]

Why Aren’t You in the Bahamas Yet?

Last week, we told you why you should take your vacation this holiday season. As you can see in this Vacation Time infographic from Rasmussen College, Americans are clearly conflicted about vacation time. We’re like a manipulative girlfriend — we want it (60 percent of us, in fact), but we like to play coy (39 […]

Jerk of All Trades, Master of More Than You Think

I’ve spent my entire professional life multitasking. Even though my job title has always hovered somewhere around “copy editor,” reading words and catching errors is usually only part of what I do.

Take Your Damn Vacation Already

You’ve been working hard all year long, and maybe you’re thinking about skipping out on your holiday vacay this year, despite the mountain of PTO you’ve accrued and the building evidence that your family and friends miss you and are getting a little fed up with your ridiculous work ethic. Why unwind at home or […]

What’s the Big Deal About South Main?

You may have heard that we bought a building on South Main Street on Fort Worth’s Near Southside. Like many, you might be wondering why we would make the move from the vibrant restaurant- and hipster-encrusted streets of Magnolia Avenue to the seemingly desolate no man’s land of South Main.

It’s Not You

My first job out of college was at an upscale grocery store (think Whole Foods meets the food section of World Market). That’s what happens when you get an English degree. I started out as a cashier, quickly moved to bakery retail, then to night-shift baker. I climbed that career ladder and I climbed it […]

Don’t Be a Creepy Creeperson

I haven’t had a ton of job interviews in my life. So maybe I just don’t understand. But despite my lack of experience on the interviewing circuit, I’d like to throw one piece of advice out there to the job seekers of the world: Don’t be a Creepy Creeperson. Specifically, don’t send food to potential […]