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Dear Readers,

I joined The Starr Conspiracy in 2011 because I wanted to work with Bret Starr, the founder of this agency.

That’s it.

There was no compelling reason to leave my life as a semi-professional blogger and HR-lady-in-hiding and become a social media marketing professional. In fact, it made no sense.

But Bret called me up in 2011 and said, “I think we can build something fun if you’re ever interested.”

I was interested.

Together, over the past 18 months, we have worked to build a thriving social media practice at The Starr Conspiracy. We have also partnered with Retargeter and built the only display-advertising network on HR blogs. And we have had some fun experiences on the road, too.

I realize that most people don’t know very much about my boss, Bret Starr, so let me tell you a secret: Bret is a taco wrapped in an enchilada inside a burrito with an extra side of rice and beans.

In short, he is complicated.

Bret is patient, kind and humble. Whenever my lizard brain snaps into overdrive, he talks me down off my hysterical ledge. Bret is also totally full of crap. When you call him on it, he shrugs his shoulders and buys you a beer.

It’s all good.

Bret is rarely sober but always prescient. And he is the best boss I’ve ever had because he knows that nobody is the boss of me.

That’s why, without his permission, I rounded up my colleagues and we are launching a messaging series during HR Tech called, “Shit Bret Says.”

If you sign onto and look for #shitbretsays, you will see all the crazy things he’s known for saying at our office. We’ll be running the series from @starrconspiracy simultaneously with #hrtechconf. We hope you enjoy it.


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