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The Women of The Starr Conspiracy

The nice thing about working for The Starr Conspiracy is that the entire team is solid. Yes, our company is a little freaky at times — but there’s no slack, no waste and no room for losers.

Most of you know our founder, Bret Starr. Do you know that The Starr Conspiracy has some fantastic women, too?

We are proud of our agents — all of them — but I want to personally introduce you to the women of The Starr Conspiracy.

  1. Felicia Smith
  2. Katie Pool
  3. Nancy Crabb
  4. Patti Kittilstved
  5. Stephanie Buchanan
  6. Yasmine Javeed
  7. Laurie Ruettimann
  8. Martha Martinez-Sotelo
  9. Lizzie Smithson

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