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This Week in the World: The #HR Blogger Network, Channel Marketing and the Addy Awards

fort worth addy awards 2013Today, The Starr Conspiracy will be shutting its doors for half a day to prepare for the Fort Worth Addy Awards. Last year, our team took home an impressive ratio of awards to entries and this year, we went all in. I don’t know if we ever actually announced how kick-ass our creative team is on the blog … but rest assured, our Creative Director — Brandon A. — and his team of rockstar designers is up to absolutely no good. In 2013, I think you’ll see a revolution of creative in the enterprise software business.

But for now, our team is going to get gussied up to see them recognized for their stellar work in 2012.

I’m allowed to brag on their behalf, if you were wondering.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on in there at the Addy’s — you can follow The Starr Conspiracy on Instagram (username StarrConspiracy) or on Twitter @StarrConspiracy.

The HR Blogger Network

From Ron Thomas: Doing the “Pope Thing:” Lessons from the Day I Walked in and Quit My Job

From Victorio Milian: You Should Be Fabulous! — Performance Wisdom From My Mom

From Tim Gardner: Culture — Scapegoat or Driver?

From Ben Eubanks: Improving Hires in Two Easy Steps

And from four members of our beloved team of HRBN bloggers — Matt Stollak, Tim Sackett, Lance Haun, Steve Boese and another fantastic blogger who happens to be outside the HRBN network (but we won’t hold that against him) Kris Dunn — is the 2012 season of The 8 Man Rotation. It’s a free ebook. You should get to readin’ it ASAP.

Channel Marketing

In case you missed this week on the blog, you can catch up really quickly:

Well, we’re off to the Addy Awards later.

If you want to wish us luck, find an appropriately inappropriate SomeEcard and post it on our Facebook wall in the name of encouragement for our creative team — who worked their talented little asses off last year.