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Concocting the Conspiratini

Revised 1:30 p.m., September 16, 2011. Had to make a change to comply with Facebook rules. Don’t want to piss off Mr. Zuckerberg. He knows where you live. Also, it’s not a “contest.” It’s “an interactive event of epic proportions.” Yeesh. Some people.

You know who likes drinks? We like drinks. We like to make them. We like to share them with friends. Now we need a little help with our next libation.

It’s called the Conspiratini, the ultimate top-secret cocktail. What’s in it? You tell us.

To Participate

Once your security clearance is approved, your mission is to suggest drink ingredients of the mixes-well-with-vodka variety to help concoct our soon-to-be infamous cocktail.

Starr Tincup will have an in-house drink-mixing contest in which a team of highly qualified scientists (or employees) will work day and night to perfect the Conspiratini with your suggested ingredients. 


Those who suggest ingredients will receive the confidential recipe to show our appreciation. Plus, we’ll think you’re awesome.


Come conspire with us.


The Fine Print

Entries must be made by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 22, 2011 to be considered.

Enter your suggestions here

Not a single octopus was harmed in the making of this contest.