Studio Reviews: …And Just Like That

This week the pirates are talking about the Sex and The City reboot …And Just Like That. We don’t have a lot of positive things to say about it. No one asked our opinions but we definitely have some we’re going to share.

Studio Reviews : Bo Burnham: Inside

Ratchet Reviews is back! And this time we’re discussing Bo Burnham’s triumphant (maybe?) return to comedy specials, Inside. After a hiatus from comedy, Bo is back with his signature wit and musical talent taking us all through the highs and lows of quarantine emotions.

Vlog: Reverence in the Workplace

We recently sat down with Cristina DiGiacomo, Industrial Philosopher and founder of MorAlchemy, to discuss the importance of having reverence in the workplace, how reading Plato can improve your workday, and about 100 other spectacularly nerdy topics.

It’s Holiday Movie Time | Studio Reviews

This time on Ratchet Reviews we’re jumping into the holiday movie season with Netflix’s new Holidate. A romcom that all will enjoy – yes even your wife who prefers a good slasher. Mix a mall Santa, tequila shots, lost limbs, and all of the holiday tropes you love to hate, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to get you in the holiday spirits.

Studio Reviews | Up for a vacation at La Quinta?

This week on Studio Reviews we discuss the first two episodes of the new season of The Bachelorette on ABC. Were you as disappointed with the men on the show as we were? Fart rings? Bromances? And lest we not forget the strip dodgeball shenanigans. Grab a rose and join us for a happy hour.

Studio Reviews: Our Halloween Favorites

This week we get into the spooky spirit with a discussion on our favorite Halloween flicks. The conversation skews more goofy than spooky, but we hope it gets you in the spirit.

Studio Reviews: Lady and the Tramp with a BLT?

Adam Sandler is back on Netflix with a spooky season adventure. Hubie Halloween takes us on a rollercoaster of Happy Madison references including names that you’ve definitely heard before, a goofy main character that harkens Sandler antics of yore, and more cameos than you could throw a stick at.

Studio Reviews: Netflix is the king of the crime documentary

This week on Studio Reviews we let our True Crime side out of the box. We discuss American Murder on Netflix, just how idiotic Chriss Watts is, how absolutely amazing the polygraph session was, and the real MVP of the whole case, the neighbor.