Vlog: Reverence in the Workplace

We recently sat down with Cristina DiGiacomo, Industrial Philosopher and founder of MorAlchemy, to discuss the importance of having reverence in the workplace, how reading Plato can improve your workday, and about 100 other spectacularly nerdy topics.

Well-being: Work tech’s next big market

There is a major story in work tech right now: Well-being is going to be yuge. Why? That’s what Bret wanted to find out. He sat down with Vic Strecher and Eric Zimmerman of Kumanu, a well-being company focused on performance, to understand the big drivers behind this category. Eric argues that since religion and […]

Emerging market: Mental health and well-being

Had enough yet? If so, you’re not alone. COVID has created an enormous mental health challenge for employers, creating a burgeoning work tech market.  Research from the nonprofit Mind Share Partners, conducted in partnership with Qualtrics and SAP, found that the mental health of almost 42% of respondents had declined since the coronavirus outbreak began. […]

Put a face to well-being.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about what “well-being” and “wellness” really looks like. So one company made a mannequin to put it into perspective.