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A Sneak Peek at What’s Next at ERE’s Recruiting Innovation Summit

Before I joined The Starr Conspiracy, I worked at ERE Media, where one of my jobs was organizing the Recruiting Innovation Summit. I was honored when ERE asked me to be the chairperson for the event, which starts this morning and goes through the end of the day tomorrow.

Recruiting Innovation Summit 2013 - May 14–15, 2013 - San Francisco, CAI’m biased, but what ERE has put together at the Recruiting Innovation Summit is pretty special. There will be two keynotes and three panel sessions that will explore the future of recruiting. Those are going to be great.

But what I’m really interested in are what I call “innovation sessions,” because they’re unlike any other conference sessions you’ve seen in HR. RIS will have 18 of these 20-minute sessions, which will cover several aspects of recruiting. Four practitioners, six recruiting suppliers, and eight startups will all talk about things that, in many cases, are too new to be proven. Some of these ideas will first see the light of day at the conference.

The process for getting 18 really great presentations is an overwhelming one. I ended up talking with or seeing materials from well over 100 companies doing some really exciting things in recruiting. The question people always ask after I talk about the summit is: What is bubbling up from talent acquisition? While I can’t give away all of the fun things we’ll see, I will share what I found really interesting:

  1. Predicting recruiting demand — Companies are getting more insight into what their staffing demands will be months from today. They’re combining business forecasting with employment market data in really fascinating ways.
  2. Improving assessments — The pre-hire assessment business lived off pen-and-paper assessments for so long that when things moved to the digital age, they just put pen-and-paper ideas on the Web. That’s changing thanks to some innovative thinkers.
  3. Re-engineering recruiting — There are some companies that want to rethink how businesses are doing recruiting. I’m a skeptic on big, transformational changes, but these are really interesting ideas that I’m looking forward to hearing more about.

You can follow all the action using the Twitter hashtag #RIS13.

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