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Drive Webinar Recap and Recording #DriveWeb

Our webinar, “Putting Drive Into Gear — Executing on Your Company’s Obsession to Achieve Market Supremacy” took a deep dive into how identifying your Drive sets your company up for success. Bret Starr and George LaRocque shared insight on how the HCM market has changed and why marketing isn’t just part of your business, it is your business.

We covered a lot of detail, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. Below, we’ve included the recording of the webinar.

We also have the slides available for you to view on SlideShare.


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InfluenceHR New York is going to be an amazing marketing event that would make Madison Avenue proud. We have game-changing speakers, with actionable insight from companies transforming marketing every day, including Influitive, The Starr Conspiracy, HireVue, Symbolist, and Modern Survey.

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