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InfluenceHR: One Day to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

iHR_blog_thumbnailMarketing can make or break your company today. Sure, sales help you generate revenue. But you know how to price your offering because of market research. Supply chain management helps you meet production deadlines, but bad sourcing practices can cost your brand big — all it takes is just a rumor of inhumane labor practices.

It all comes back to marketing. Which is why LAROCQUE developed InfluenceHR.

Launched by the amazing George LaRocque, InfluenceHR is not your typical conference. Executives like you are too busy to spend three days in sessions with stale topics. That’s not what’s happening at InfluenceHR.

For one day, a team of insiders is pulling back the curtain on HCM marketing. Screw buzzwords and meaningless jargon. They’re going to nail down that marketing moving target so you can focus on market share and competitive advantage.

For one day, you’ll have exclusive access to HR buyers, market-leading analysts and trailblazing peers. The panelists and speakers are heading up their own companies’ strategies, so they know what the hell they’re talking about. From enterprise-level market domination to startup innovation, they’re going to have it all. And so can you.

Now’s the time to incorporate your marketing strategy into your business processes, practices and decisions. You can’t pass it off. As a leader in your company, you have the power to make your marketing compelling and innovative. You can demonstrate how marketing can close deals and raise profits.

This is one day you can’t afford to miss.

The Starr Conspiracy is excited to be a part of this inaugural event. Bret Starr will be spilling secrets as a keynote speaker, diving into the details of the immutable laws of market share. We know market share is a pretty big deal to executives like you.

Check out the other speakers, panelists and sponsors InfluenceHR has got lined up. More updates will be coming, but I think you should go ahead and commit now. After all, it’s only one day.

InfluenceHR Conference