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Traveling With Your Boss

tlntupThe Starr Conspiracy will roll into Atlanta on June 24th for the 2nd Annual TLNTup at SHRM sponsored by Bright.

We realize that SHRM’s annual conference is often the first business trip in a Human Resources professional’s career. Some of you are traveling with your boss, too, which is funny because we are bringing our boss to SHRM.

His name is Bret Starr. If you don’t know anything about Bret, he is nothing like your boss.

He is your boss on steroids and a beer.

Bret enjoys a good time. His conference experiences are legendary. He likes to have fun and ensure that those around him are having fun. The one thing you might not know about our boss? He stops at nothing to make sure that every experience with him is authentic and meaningful.

When we talk to him, we know he is listening.

Because our boss is a fun guy and a decent human being, we can let down our hair and enjoy our time in Atlanta. You? You need to check yourself. Things can get crazy on the road — especially at a SHRM conference — and you don’t want to put your job in jeopardy.

So check out this helpful article on navigating your first business trip. If you’re traveling internationally and coming to America for the first time, read some helpful advice on how to prepare.

Most of all, come and see us at the 2nd Annual TLNTup. It will be a good time.

Bret guarantees it!

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