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What to Pack to SHRM12?

Society for Human Resource Management

A reader on the SHRM Buzz site has a question.

This will be my first year attending the SHRM annual conference and I was wondering what should I pack?!? I know they dont call Atlanta HOTlanta for no reason, so I should pack light, but any other suggestions??

First of all, there is no way you can go to SHRM12 without packing a suitcase. Even if you bring a simple piece of luggage to the conference, you will need a large Samsonite bag to carry home your swag.

So if you’re bringing a big suitcase anyway, remember to pack a few important things.

  1. We love Blister Block. There is no reason to jack up your fresh pedicure with unsightly blisters. That stuff works.
  2. Listerine Breath Strips or white Tic Tacs are essential. (The orange ones leave your breath smelling funky.)
  3. Extra underpants. For some reason, SHRM seems to get a discount rate for conferences in hot places during the summertime. You will sweat just from looking out the window. Fresh undies are an asset.
  4. You will need Tums. We speak from experience. There is lots of food and candy at the booths.
  5. We never regret packing sunglasses and sunscreen. You think you’re going to be inside all day. Then you attend one of those boring sessions on FMLA updates and you think — hey, I can use some air.

Don’t pack a camera. There are plenty of vendors who will take pictures of you. Just remember to grab their business cards and ask how you can find your pictures on Facebook or Flickr.

Have fun!

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