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What to Wear to #SHRM12

Distinctive yellow stitching on Doc Martens shoes.

The Starr Conspiracy agents wear work shirts, jeans and Doc Martens. That’s how we roll. We realize that our uniform is different from what most HR ladies will wear to the SHRM 2012 Annual Conference.

And that’s okay.

We did want to offer some tips and advice on what to wear to Atlanta from our agents who have attended the conference in previous years.

  • Skip the flip-flops. Although it will be hot as hell, you will walk about 50 miles each day and need good shoes with decent support. If you’re not into orthotics or Doc Martens, you can always find a good pair of stylish shoes with a rubber sole. Think TOMS or even these cool and funky Nike slip on shoes.
  • Pack a sweater. It’s such a cliché piece of advice. We know. But those conference rooms are like ice boxes.
  • Bring your own tote bag. Don’t rely on those cheap swag bags from vendors. The straps rub on your shoulders and eventually break. If you need to carry water and a few other supplies that are too big for your purse, a sturdy tote bag from home is essential.
  • Sunglasses. For real, it’s bright outside after leaving the fluorescent lights of the expo floor. Also, sunglasses cover up your smeared mascara when it’s so unbelievably hot outside.
  • Comfortable clothing — no suits. There’s nothing like sitting around all day in an overpriced suit while other people are wearing Macy’s and Target casual attire. If you wear a suit, you will stand out.

One more thing — a good bra is essential for this conference. If your foundational elements are too tight or too loose, you will be uncomfortable all day long. It’s one thing to pull and tug at your undergarments while you’re in a cubicle. It’s another thing to surround yourself with 15,000 other HR professionals and obsess about that stupid underwire poking you in the armpit.

Get a good bra. Then come and see us that TLNTUp on Sunday night!

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