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Facebook Has a New Algorithm, Do You Have a New Strategy?

Back in August, Facebook announced to the world that it would be updating its algorithm yet again. This is nothing new for Facebook, as it has already changed its algorithm seven other times this year alone. But rewind back to June of this year, when perhaps the biggest blow to marketers’ social media strategy was dealt.

Facebook has reiterated that its goal is to always improve the user experience by prioritizing:

  • Posts from family and friends
  • Posts that have the most time spent on them by the user
  • Posts that Facebook deems as “interesting” or “relevant” to the user

Before jumping ship, consider this: Facebook boasts a whopping 1.65 billion monthly active users, and accounts for one in every six minutes spent online. Simply put, Facebook is too big to ignore. What this means is that with these new changes, marketers need a new social media strategy. Here are good places to start.

If you’re going to post organically, make your content good. Like, really good. A majority of the changes come down to quality. If you’re sharing your own content or are sharing content from others in your industry, make sure it’s informative and adds value to the reader. Another good practice is to avoid headlines that look like clickbait.

Make sure your Facebook page is complete. It seems like common sense, but many business pages on Facebook are not completely filled out. Make sure to fill out as many fields as possible. 

Engage in social listening and engage with those talking about thought leaders your industry. Another factor Facebook considers when deciding the fate of your totally amazing content, is whether the fan base of your page overlaps with the fan base of other high-quality pages. So if you notice several people following another thought leader in your category, make an attempt to reach them as well. If those people hit that little “like” button on your profile, you may just find yourself higher up in the news feed.

Paid Facebook. Paid Facebook is a great option for getting in front of your target audience for several reasons. First, you can either boost an existing post that was so good that it bears repeating, or you could create an ad that gives the audience a CTA. If you need more info on the difference between the two, you can find it here.  Second, it is very trackable. With so many metrics out there to tell you how your campaign is performing, it can be very exciting, or it can be very overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

If you’d like to learn more about advertising on Facebook, we can help! We are well equipped to handle any social media need you might have, from social auditing to developing a social strategy to analytics. Get in touch with us today!