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Friday Roundup: Learning Technology, Recruiting Tech, and Micro-content

Between the World Cup and SHRM, you’ve probably had a busy week. We’ll keep it simple and help you finish off the week with some compelling reading material. 

More Investment in Recruiting Tech as SmashFly Secures $9M in Series A Funding — Yesterday, SmashFly announced that it secured $9M in funding, led by OpenView Venture Partners. The recruitment marketing platform plans to use the funding to build out product capabilities, as well as sales and marketing resources as they look to expand. George Roberts, the partner from OpenView who will be joining the board, said in the release, “Companies are looking for progressive solutions that move beyond transactional processes by leveraging proactive, data-driven talent recruitment strategies.” Read more in this blog post breakdown from TSCIU Editor Lance Haun.

3 Things About Problem Solving Which Albert Einstein Teaches Us — Up to 70% of employees’ time at work is spent fire-fighting and problem-solving. That means you or your team are spending more than 6 hours out of 9 in a day grappling with high-stress issues that shouldn’t exist. We don’t need to tell you how much productivity you’ll continue to lose if you continue fixing only what is broken after it breaks. Read the full article on LinkedIn by Vishal Kataria to see what you can learn from Einstein that might change change the way you solve problems.

Leverage B2B Micro-content to Get More Mileage from Thought Leadership — Micro-content can be social media, short and visual e-books, infographics, or video clips. As B2B marketers, we typically operate in “bought, not sold” categories. We have to inform consumers on the benefits of our technologies. And thought leadership has its place here. We need information-packed content. But what other types of content can you create from your thought leadership pieces? 

Understanding the LMS Buyer

We’ve been talking a lot about learning here on the blog with the release of our latest report with Brandon Hall Group and Human Capital Institute, “The Enterprise Learning Buyer, 2014.” Check out these posts on the blog to catch up on new trends and buyer research or download the report now.

Learning is at the Core of Talent Management — If performance management drove much of the past growth in talent management technology, it’s time to acknowledge the passing of the baton to learning and development. Look no further than GE — Jack Welch’s old company — to see how development has become entwined with performance. Read the full post from TSCIU Editor Lance Haun. 

How to Meet the New Demands of Today’s Learning Buyer — Learning technology has historically been built to fit within the training silo, but now we see learning vendors taking center stage in the talent management universe. Professionals are becoming development-focused talent warriors, battling diversified challenges related to retaining and developing people within their organizations. They’re not stuck in the silo. They’re moving on. Is your technology ready to step up to meet them in their new roles?

Your Learning Technology Better Offer Buyers a Win-win in 2014 — One of the most insightful findings from the research was that buyers are looking for technology that serves the needs of the organization and those of the employees. They understand the strategic connection learning has with organizational value and delivering value to the employee. They want their technology provider to do the same. And you can start by focusing on the user.

Next Generation Learning is On the Rise, But Don’t Abandon Traditional Learning Yet — As much as we love some of the new ideas and knowledge driving new ways of learning, traditional learning isn’t going away. For those in compliance-heavy industries such as heavy manufacturing, financial services, and airlines, it is onerous — if not impossible — to get around course-based, traditional training. 

Enjoy your weekend!