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Get In the Know for the InfluenceHR Marketing Awards Early

We’re changing B2B marketing forever. We believe marketing in HR technology should be so much more than boring stock photography and overused concepts. We know there are a lot of vendors that agree and are innovating marketing to the HR buyer every day. We want to recognize those vendors for their work in the first-ever InfluenceHR Marketing Awards.

InfluenceHR Marketing Awards

Get rewarded for your creativity, innovation, and impact. The InfluenceHR Marketing Awards — or “The Innys” — push everyone to be better, increase awareness of great work in our industry, acknowledge the different and the daring, and give marketers the ammo to request bigger budgets. 

The rewards will have eight distinct categories to be judged by an independent judging panel to highlight the best in HR marketing: 

  • Best Integrated Campaign: This campaign was everywhere, and you’ve got the assets and results to prove it. Entries for this category will include a strategic use of at least three different types of media. 
  • Best Launch: A brand, a product, a website, a service — whatever you launched this year, you got the attention of everyone in the segment. Your launch was clearly differented, with creative visuals and messaging. When HR buyers saw this launch, they hit pause until they learned more. 
  • Best Website: Build it and they will come. Your new website is that good, and your organic search strategy didn’t hurt, either. Branding, messaging, conversions — and you took as much friction out of the sales process as possible. 
  • Best Use of Social Media: Building an audience, driving advocacy, generating leads, delivering content — whatever the goal, your social strategy and execution were flawless this year. You listened, then you contributed, then you owned the conversation in your segment. 
  • Best Live Event Marketing: Pre-show, on-site, and post-show, your event strategy, campaign, and execution went beyond capturing leads at the booth and moved the revenue needle. Your live event marketing was clearly a part of a larger strategy, and we’re still talking about your company and what you did. 
  • Best Use of Content Marketing: If old-school was marketing by interruption, you leveraged content marketing and the laws of attraction to get the most out of it. Your content strategy was tied to your business goals, and your results prove it. 
  • Best Customer Success Effort: Customer success. Customer advocacy. They go hand in hand, and your approach to ensuring your customers’ success while also mobilizing them as brand advocates has ensured that your customer retention and renewal rates remain solid — and it was also your secret weapon for revenue growth. 
  • Best Marketing Innovation: You disrupted your segment — or the entire HR market — with that thing you do. Whether it was your approach to branding, the way you integrated marketing tech, how you drove organic PR, your ability to increase lead flow or deal size by factors, or all of the above, your marketing team made it happen and it’s time to tell the world. 

And introducing a final category — Best in Show:

Every entry, in every category, is considered for this award. Your marketing is a glowing example of what InfluenceHR stands for. The winning submission will demonstrate a clear understanding of the HR buyer, which will only be surpassed, perhaps, by your demonstration of marketing prowess. The HR buyer was better off for engaging with your campaign or materials. Your marketing team is killing it.

And we noticed. 

Find out now if you’re eligible to participate, how to enter, and make sure you sign up for updates to be alerted when entries open.