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Get Your Holiday Spirit On … and On … and …

’Tis the season at The Starr Conspiracy, and while we’re getting our holiday spirit on, we wanted to share some of that yuletide joy with you.

We admit, it was a bit of a conundrum thinking up ways to pack our collective festive mood into just one holiday card. So we decided instead to spend every single day on our way to 2017 with you!

After a little time in our own kind of winter workshop, we came up with the first-ever Starr Conspiracy interactive Holiday Calendar, teeming with daily surprises.

In case you missed them (we’re now at day 8), below is a sampling of the first week’s holiday treats:

  • Our favorite holiday cookie recipes. (We recommend not worrying about cookie crumbs on your keyboard this month.)
  • A collection of the best holiday music ever — on a Spotify playlist and with our party team’s stamp of approval!
  • Ugly holiday sweater digital wallpaper for your laptop or mobile device. Yes, inspired by a real ugly sweater. Thanks, Mom.

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What else is in store? We bet you always wanted a list of must-see holiday movies to save you from Googling it every year. But wait. There’s more.

We’re sharing 31 gifts — one for each day of December — from crafts you can do at your desk to holiday yoga (to burn off the calories in those Starr Conspiracy cookies), from geeky gifts to cool free software recommendations. And of course, we didn’t forget the cat videos.

We’re excited about this year’s holiday season. Get your fat pants on and celebrate with us!

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