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Blogging, Strong Writing and Rabid Beavers

Your company is awesome. Your products and services are fabulous. And you want to tell your story on a blog.

Pffffffft. Great. Easy. Here’s how you do it.

First up? You need a good headline. Make sure it is catchy and true.

Woman, 83, attacked by rabid beaver at Lake Barcroft in Fairfax County

Perfect. Now give us a good lede.

The creature knocked Lillian Peterson off her feet as she was climbing out of Lake Barcroft after a swim. The 83-year-old woman twisted around to see what attacked her and noticed one thing: large, orange teeth.

AWESOME. Now tell us a damn story, will you?

The evening had started very differently. As she did on many nights, Peterson went for a swim in the 135-acre private lake in the Baileys Crossroads area of Fairfax. Peterson is athletic and active, still swimming and working as a real estate agent.

A co-worker at Long & Foster, Mike Korin, also happened to be at the lake that night, giving a fishing lesson — a coincidence that would help free Peterson from the attack.

About 6 p.m., Korin noticed the beaver splashing around the lake. It struck the avid fisherman and former U.S. Forest Service employee as unusual. Soon, he said, he saw it swimming toward Peterson, who was just finishing up her swim on a far bank.

Then Peterson went down.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is gold.

Study it. Copy it. Then tell us a rabid beaver story about your company.

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