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Don’t Read This Blog



I hate blogging.

Maybe you’re in HR and blog for your company’s career site. Or you’re a marketing guy pushing out a regular cadence of blogging for SEO. Maybe you despise blogging for the sole purpose of increasing your company’s social media presence.

I do. I really hate blogging. I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of gal. I love writing, reading, researching — I love creating content for our clients. I love seeing how my work benefits others while I sit back and watch from the sidelines.

Putting my name on a public statement in the game of social enterprising just isn’t for me. But I get it. Contributing to the company blog “is good for business — it draws people to us.” Like that obligatory party you’ve been invited to and you know it’s gonna be a drag — we’re all invited to the blogging party, like it or not. Better bring a tasty tidbit to make everyone happy.

So, let’s consider what we can do to play our part in the blogosphere, even as we’re kicking and screaming toward the publish line:

  1. Find and follow interesting bloggers whom you can personally relate to — they’re inspiring, thought-provoking and can tickle the far reaches of our brains for inspiration.
  2. Try pushing your content to the fringe and dare to confront conventional wisdom. Scary, isn’t it? Especially when your name’s attached. Try it. You may actually resonate with (or, dare I say, influence?) the silent supporters lurking on the perimeter.
  3. Find a marketing agency that specializes in creative content and social media. They know how to make this stuff painless and profitable. Don’t know of anyone? Surprise — I do.

I’ll go find something incredibly pithy or profound to blog about and check it off my list, just like any other mundane chore in my life.

Now I have to go take out the trash. Really hate doing that, too.