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HRBN 40 Under 40

40-under-40HRBN, The Starr Conspiracy and Retargeter are proud to present the HRBN 40 Under 40.

This list was created because I was sick and tired of HR leaders telling me that our industry’s talent pipeline is weak. I think they are wrong. The future of HR and recruiting is bright and social. We have shining examples of leadership in our community.

And they blog.

(Oh, the humanity!)

So here is the future of HR — nominated by their peers and approved through the wisdom of the crowds. They appear in no particular order.

  • Lars Schmidt
  • Jennifer Benz
  • Jessica Miller-Merrell
  • Neil Morrison
  • Eric Lunsford
  • Chris Fields
  • Michael Cardus
  • David Kovacovich
  • Susan Strayer LaMotte
  • Meredith Soleau
  • Steve Gifford
  • Jason Pankow
  • Ben Martinez
  • Shauna Moerke
  • Steve Geraghty-Harrison
  • Melissa Fairman
  • Christine Assaf
  • Sarah White
  • Erik Samdahl
  • Lance Haun
  • Maren Hogan
  • Rob Jones
  • Chris Ponder II
  • Tiffany Kuehl
  • Miles Jennings
  • Jeff Moore
  • Justin Harris
  • Mary Faulkner
  • Matt Charney
  • Hayley Brown
  • Jane Watson
  • Elizabeth Lalli-Reese
  • Buzz Rooney
  • Janine N. Truitt
  • Crystal Miller
  • Ben Eubanks
  • Sarah Miller
  • Jessica Lee
  • Cindy Janovitz
  • Josh Ploch
  • Benjamin McCall

Do you love a blogger who isn’t on this list? Was a notable blogger under 40 overlooked? Nominate that person in the comments for the next version of this list!

And congratulations to every blogger out there — no matter what age — for taking a risk and getting social.