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This Week in the World: It’s All About The HR Blogger Network

The HR Blogger Network turned one recently. We’re celebrating its first birthday on the blog. Check out what The HRBN has going on:

Five Posts from The HRBN

Finish your week off strong with five hand-picked posts from The HR Blogger Network.

From Lance Haun: When It Comes to Media Consumption, Bloggers Are Weird

From Victorio Milian: Let’s Talk: Why Relationships Matter

From The EO List by Bonni Titgemeyer: What EO Says About the HR Job Market

From Paul Hebert: Yoda Was Wrong — When Recognizing Employees, There Is a Try

From Robin Schooling: Cover Letters Are For Personnel Ladies

About The HR Blogger Network

This week, we talked a lot about display advertising and why we believe in The HR Blogger Network. Here’s a roundup of this week’s posts so you can catch up on anything you missed:

HR Blogger Network

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