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HR Professionals: Managing Your LinkedIn Profiles

iconI travel around the country talking to Human Resources professionals. I am always surprised to learn that many people are not actively managing their LinkedIn profiles.

I hear that LinkedIn is a pain to manage. There are too many requests and not enough guidance about how and when to connect with strangers and former colleagues. And there is some fear in the HR marketplace, too.

“If I update my profile, people will think I’m looking for a job.”

I believe that every worker is entitled to manage her own life and career — just like Bain Capital manages its own portfolio. Companies keep telling you that lifetime employment is over so I think you have a right, and even an obligation, to keep your options open. Also, as a Human Capital professional, managing your LinkedIn profile means that more people can connect with you. It’s easier for the ‘sorta-kinda-passive candidate’ to reach out to you if your company has an interesting job opening.

Are there hard and fast rules to accepting invitations on LinkedIn? Not really. I accept invitations from everyone. I have never had a problem with aggressive people or stalkers on LinkedIn. If I did, I could easily disconnect my association with that person.

You don’t have to have my same philosophy — but expanding your network is never a bad idea.

So if you work in HR, an optimized and updated LinkedIn profile can’t hurt. And it’s always an excellent idea to keep your options open, actively manage your career and connect with new people who can help to expand your horizons.


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