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HR Technology Innovators Get Recognized in #HRwins Competition


Winning isn’t everything.

It counts for somethin’ though.

Friend of The Conspiracy George Larocque is looking for the next round of winners in HR Technology. George’s belief in innovation and its ability to change the space as we know it is driving his contest (#hrwins) for groundbreaking human resources vendors.


If you believe your technology is innovative and can change the working lives of HR professionals everywhere, schedule a 30-minute briefing and product demo with George to get your product on the #hrwins radar.

All HR Technology categories will be considered, including:

  • Talent Management
  • Recruiting
  • Social HR
  • Social Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • and More…

When HR Technology vendors are innovative, HR wins in a big way.

Get recognized for your contributions to innovation in HR today.