Burn After Reading: The Vendor's HR Technology Conference & Exposition Manual

Your trip to Vegas and the HR Technology Conference is booked. Your marketing collateral and booth are nearly ready to ship. You’ve stowed away some cash for the tables and are preparing yourself for some serious parties networking.

There’s one thing you haven’t done, though: Ask 16 of the brightest minds in HR tech what you should do to maximize your investment at one of the biggest events in our industry.

Don’t worry — we went ahead and did that for you.



In “Burn After Reading: The Vendor’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition Manual,” you’ll read all about:
  • The art of selling at a crowded, busy trade show
  • The key to building relationships that last beyond Vegas
  • The perspective you need to make bold business and marketing decisions
  • The swag people really want, and the swag that ends up in the trash a week later

Download the manual today and learn how industry luminaries like Laurie Ruettimann, China Gorman, and Bret Starr want you to raise your game.