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InfluenceHR Early Bird: Last Chance to Save 40 Percent on Your Ticket


Holy Smokes! $400 Off InfluenceHR Registration? Surely You Can’t Be Serious?

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InfluenceHR 2017: It’s Happening

Finally. For years, HCM marketing has been building up to absolute disruption, and marketers can barely hold it together. HCM has the bug. 

We’ve seen the signs along the way. Rumblings from the underground. The conspiratorial plots of mad creatives awaiting their day of recognition. In 2017, they’ll receive it. After InfluenceHR 2017, HCM marketing will never be the same. 

Are you ready? Discover the new world order at The Venetian® Las Vegas, Oct. 9–10, 2017 — or risk falling behind.

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InfluenceHR is a disruptive and exclusive two-day event for senior HCM marketers who want to stay on the bleeding edge of B2B marketing. Preceding the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition, InfluenceHR gives attendees access to key influencers, leading analysts, and decision-makers from the companies making the most noise in the HCM industry.

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