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Join Ocho’s Book Club: Buy a Book. Help a Kid.

In this month of Thanksgiving, I believe that we all have learned a lesson this year in the importance of gratitude. I know I have. Let’s all be grateful for the blessings we have. We’re grateful to say that The Starr Conspiracy is surviving and thriving. Now we feel it’s time to pay it forward to all of those in our lives. What can we do? Let’s remember that 2020 has been a tough year for many.

  • Not every business has fared quite as well. My St. Louis friend, neighbor, fellow Texan, fellow business owner, and all-round awesome person, Kelly von Plonski, has kept things going at her business, Subterranean Books, the coolest bookstore in The Lou — but it has been tough. She’s allowing in a few people at a time for socially distanced book browsing. However, she needs to generate solid sales in November and December to pay the bills through the spring. With foot traffic down, she needs stronger online sales.
  • Not every kid has fared as well. A lot of kids are struggling, like our little friends at Springdale Elementary, a Pre-K through Grade 5 elementary school in Fort Worth that serves a population of students and families of which upwards of 90% live below the poverty line. The Starr Conspiracy has supported Springdale for nearly a decade with myriad offerings, from tutoring and mentoring to cash donations and fundraisers. With the pandemic, students’ needs have only increased.

I’d like to invite you to help them both. Join me in Ocho’s Book Club. All you need to do is buy a book online at Subterranean Books and use the code OCHOSENTME at checkout.

When you do, I’ll donate one American dollar to Springdale Elementary for every book you buy between now and December 24. I know lots of you are going to buy books as gifts for the holidays. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need your money.

Independent businesses and America’s kids do. Join Ocho’s Book Club. Buy a book. Help a business. Help a kid.

Thank you for your help!