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Living Our Authentic Self: The New Starr Conspiracy Website

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon: the new online face of The Starr Conspiracy.

It’s clean, open, and easy to navigate (honest!). With a white canvas, clean typography, hand-drawn illustrations, and black-and-white photography, our website now tells our story with heart and transparency in a way we’ve never done before. 


In a nutshell, our new site reflects us being more authentic to ourselves. It evinces the maturity of our brand. And it nearly shouts from the rooftops our belief in the humanity in and humanization of B2B marketing.

It was time for the change.

We’ve matured and expanded from serving only the human capital management (HCM) market to the entire scope of enterprise technology. We’ve continued to earn the trust of the people who hire us and even gain the respect of companies that have left us and returned later. We’re so grown up, we even own our own building. Our new website even includes the names and logos of most of our clients (many of whom are among the most recognized and respected brands in their markets) and a portfolio of our work.

But the one thing about our new website that resonates most with me, the highest complement I can pay to the agents at The Starr Conspiracy who dreamed, designed, and built the site, is that it boldly and clearly speaks to who we are as an agency and as individuals. It puts who we are, what we believe, and what we do front and center.

Unlike our earlier websites, this one applies design elements to support our story, rather than using design elements as unyielding and often overly dominating drivers and masters of the site. The new site also reflects our belief in the fusion of agency services (traditionally siloed) and the huge advantage gained from robust and constant collaboration internally and with our clients.

What we wanted, and what I believe we have achieved, is a wonderfully symbiotic union of design, development, and content that speaks clearly and boldly to how The Starr Conspiracy:

  • Embraces the humanity in business to build brands that have emotional resonance.
  • Is not just a global business-to-business marketing agency, but a movement that’s changing the way technology companies view themselves, their customers, and the world.
  • Is a unique combination of advertising, consulting, and technology that we apply to achieve myriad and wide-ranging outcomes, from website development to merger and acquisition advice.

The launch of the new site is a natural iteration for us. It had to happen. It reflects how we’ve evolved over the last few years. We’ve thrown away the traditional agency hierarchy and flattened our shop. We’ve trashed the obsolete agency workflow and adopted Agile (drawing us ever closer to our tech clients and creating a more-transparent process).

Finally, we’ve developed a unique fusion of services that is helping us manifest our grand vision for The Agency of the Future and realize our destiny of changing B2B marketing forever. That’s what I believe our new website reflects more than anything else.