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Making Fun of a Messy Situation


If you didn’t already know, our Fort Worth office is located at 122 S. Main St., just a block or so south of downtown. The Near Southside has had a lot of changing street and sidewalk construction that has resulted in constant changing traffic detours, clouds of dust, and for The Starr Conspiracy, a never-ending source of entertainment outside our lobby window.

Most of us commute to work with little change in our routine. That isn’t the case for me. Every day my path from the parking lot to the front door of the office is similar to entering into a familiar but new level of passage. I may confidently leap over newly laid asphalt to sidestep a new hole that wasn’t there the day before, or make a mental note to dodge an orange cone on the way out.

The estimated finish date of this big renovation keeps getting pushed back. When long-term, constant change such as this takes place, you come to expect that the only constant is change itself. Although it’s not enjoyable to endure, it’s been an interesting experience and fun coming up with creative ways to view the iterations of what will one day be a closer state of completion. And of course, in a decade it will change again.

Like Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I could look at all this mess as a huge eyesore and bitch about all the change, or I can take a step back and see it as something amusing and share my view with my co-workers. That’s exactly what this GIF showcases — just one instance of a year’s worth of making fun of a messy situation.

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