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Marketing at the Speed of Right — Meet The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit

Being good isn’t good enough anymore.

TSCTU-logoSoftware companies have to be fast, too. The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit increases business velocity for enterprise software companies with technology solutions for marketing, sales, and product development.

Tired of waiting for effective technology solutions? Check out The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit — we move at the speed of right.

The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit (TSCTU) is proud to launch our new website, where you can find out more about our services: 

  • Marketing and Sales Systems Management: Managing a wide range of cloud-based sales and marketing technologies on an outsourced basis, including multiple flavors of marketing automation, sales force automation, social media, and analytics solutions. Our primary goal is to eliminate waste in the sales and marketing process and increase the velocity of opportunities as they flow through your sales and marketing systems.
    • Technology: Oktopost, Marketo, Hubspot, Influitive, Pardot, Salesforce, Eloqua, and more 
  • Agile Outsourced Product Development: Offering comprehensive mobile application development, mobile overlay development, legacy software conversion, globalization and localization services, quality-assurance testing, and UI design. Give us a cocktail napkin and we’ll have a product on the market within three months. 
  • Digital Marketing Experiences: From responsive Web development to interactive marketing campaign assets such as games and immersive Web experiences, the Tech Unit lends development savvy to world-class campaign strategy and execution. White-paper offers delivered via email used to be state-of-the-art. Not anymore.

Why The Starr Conspiracy?

The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit is certainly not for everyone, but we know we are the best fit for most enterprise software companies — thanks to more than a decade of industry expertise, a dedication to B2B best practices within enterprise software, and the integrated strategy of three unique business units within The Starr Conspiracy family that create a blueprint for the B2B “agency of the future:” 

  • The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit: Technology management, app and product development, and digital experience shop
  • The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit: Advisory, research, and consulting shop
  • The Starr Conspiracy Advertising Unit: Creative shop

Contact us now to request a planning session and get started with The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit today:

Or download the most recent white paper from The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit: “Marketing Velocity and the 5 Keys to Making the Cash Register Ring” to learn more.