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NPR Podcast Advertising

We all need a creative outlet from time to time. For those of us who work at an agency crunching numbers most of the day, the chance to take on a project that requires innovative thinking and strategy is most welcome.


The Media Team at TSC spent several weeks exploring nontraditional advertising channels as an opportunity to expand digital services offerings for clients. My teammate, Mike Moore, presented podcasts as a credible advertising channel in a recent blog post, elaborating on the benefits of a loyal and engaged audience. Here, NPR podcast advertising is highlighted as a brand-awareness tool providing an untapped channel for HCM software companies.


NPR podcasts belong to a well-known media outlet, and provide insightful and relevant content to a substantial audience. iTunes’ top 10 and “best of year” lists frequently include NPR shows, several of which are award-winning: “Fresh Air” is a popular daily interview show hosted by Terry Gross featuring prominent figures in American culture, and “TED Radio Hour” portrays TED’s “ideas worth spreading” packaged neatly into common themes and delivers intelligent, thought-provoking material. Topics range from politics, economics, and business to music, culture, science, and technology. Podcasts are delivered in comedy, news, trivia, and interview formats.


The collective NPR podcast audience is “educated, affluent, and more likely to be leaders in business,” according to Nearly 8 million unique monthly listeners enjoy NPR, making it the most popular podcast publisher in the industry. NPR podcast listeners tend to hear the majority, if not all of a podcast, and they usually do so within 48 hours of downloading. NPR podcasts are described as “essential listening” among most public radio podcast listeners, citing NPR programs among their favorites. Furthermore, many NPR listeners associate esteem with companies that support NPR. Although NPR podcast listeners comprise a younger market, keep in mind that millennials have entered their thirties, are acquiring leadership roles, and are well educated and will continue to obtain influence in the workplace.

Types of Ads

NPR podcast advertising offers 15-second preroll ads that run before the podcast begins as well as 30-second midroll ads that air during a break in a program. In addition, corresponding banner and audio placements are available on The levels of sponsorship range from individual to run of network, meaning ads can be served on a single podcast program or any and every program depending on desired impact and budget.

If your company is looking to further disrupt the market by exploring unique advertising strategies, consider NPR podcasts. TSC has a sound relationship with NPR as a vendor and they are eager to work with leading HCM technology companies. Build brand awareness with TSC; reach out to us anytime.