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One Metric Is Ruining Your Trade Show Strategy


It’s Time to Rethink Your Trade Show Strategy

We’re in the wake of the summer trade show season, and that can only mean one thing for HCM enthusiasts: InfluenceHR and the HR Technology® Conference & Exposition are just around the corner. Are you prepared?

Before you start finalizing your plans for HR Tech, you should read our latest white paper, “Couches and Trash Cans: Rethink Your Trade Show Strategy.”

Get the Trade Show White Paper Now

In the white paper, we address a big problem that HCM marketing faces when it comes to trade shows. It’s a problem marketing created, and it’s one marketing pays for dearly every time trade show season rolls around.

You see, when it comes to trade shows, marketing leaders feel a lot of pressure. And that pressure is to generate One. Key. Metric.

That’s right — for all the effort that goes into creating a great trade show experience, One Key Metric defines success for many marketers. It’s a metric that makes sense if you think about trade shows purely from an immediate ROI perspective. And that One Key Metric is leads.

At The Starr Conspiracy, we believe leads shouldn’t be your only metric for trade show success. When you take the buyer’s journey into consideration, stocking your booth full of salespeople can start to feel pretty silly.

Read our latest white paper to learn:

  • Why leads shouldn’t be your only metric for trade show success, and what to consider instead
  • How vendors can align with the buyer’s journey for maximum impact
  • How to create an authentic booth experience for greater brand awareness


So, what do you think? Have a trade show strategy that’s worked for you in the past? Want to know what we think about trade shows? Want a gratuitous link to the InfluenceHR registration page? Let us know in the comments.