3 Analyst Tips to Avoid Being Left Behind

Analysts are important to closing deals. Some big buyers want their validations before pulling the trigger. Some buyers use analysts during the research or active evaluation phase of the buyer’s journey. And some buyers look to analysts to find a short list of vendors that will solve their business problems. 

All of those things will remain true in a post-COVID-19 economy.

In Search of a New Organizing Principle for Work Technology

Every now and then, something happens that changes the way we think about everything. Like, oh, I don’t, what’s a good example — how about a global pandemic? 

Major events like COVID-19 cause us to take things apart, examine the pieces, and put them back together again in a different way. But the way things get put back together depends on the organizing principle that emerges after the event. 

Sequoia Capital Is Wrong (and They Don’t Get Work Tech)

On March 5, Sequoia Capital sent a memo providing guidance to founders and CEOs about how to manage through the coronavirus pandemic.