Where’s Waldo?

“Details, details, details.” When most people say this, they’re complaining. Not me. I live for details. And I’m one of those lucky people whose occupation is also their passion. In my work at The Starr Conspiracy, I get paid to play “Where’s Waldo” all day long, to be Quality Control, to spot tiny problems buried in marketing materials long before they can become not-so-tiny problems. Dropped words, duplicated words, misused words. Newspapers (remember those?) call people like me copy editors.

I can't prove it, but I can say it. — Stephen Colbert

I’m a Veteran. Give Me My Discount.

Although rabid right-wing patriots shoulder their Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles and peer through the sights when they hear me say it, I’m a veteran. Today’s my day. Veterans Day — the only holiday I can celebrate because of a decision I made for myself rather than because someone else was born or died, or some battle was won or begun. I want to thank all of the companies and institutions in America that honor the veterans on this special day. Especially the restaurants and The Home Depot. In fact, I have set an intention to show as many of these …

Boston is Ben Affleck’s Best Friend

So I’m in Boston now. Moved up in mid-August this year (Texas summers can suck it). Needless to say, it’s awesome. My wife is attending Harvard Business School, and I’ve opened up our New England/East Coast office. There’s been a lot to adjust to — learning to work away from the hive that is The Starr Conspiracy headquarters, expanding our network and reach into a new region, supporting Erin as she navigates an amazing opportunity and learning environment, and drinking all the beers I’ve never heard of and can’t get in Texas. Among those four things, I’m pretty much left …

Buy the ticket, take the ride. ― Hunter S. Thompson I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too. — Mitch Hedberg