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2017 Learning Buyer Report

Peek Inside the 2017 Learning Buyer Report

2017 Learning Buyer Report

What You Need to Know About a Rapidly Shifting Market

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The learning management system is dead. The LMS is mentioned in learning the same way that people talk about applicant tracking systems in recruiting and performance evaluation solutions in talent management. They’re the technologies people love to hate. The solutions people want to love? Many times, these are the so-called “next-generation solutions.”

Sound familiar? If you work at one of the market upstarts that wants to replace the LMS, you probably subscribe to this view. If your company sells LMS technology, you’re working very hard to keep this belief from spreading. In many ways, the LMS is synonymous with traditional learning technology. And if you’re an upstart, you go to market with the opposite of traditional: new. That’s what we’ve seen over the past few years. In fact, the “anti-LMS LMS” has quickly become something of a marketing cliche. For a while, “new” is a shiny object that some buyers will happily chase. But new doesn’t stay new for very long.

When we published our first report on the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of learning technology buyers in 2014, next-generation technologies were just beginning to arrive on the scene in a meaningful way. Interest in new learning technologies remains strong, with 91 percent of buyers today saying they believe the working style of employees is different today and that new approaches and technologies are needed. However, many technology vendors have focused too much on the latter sentiment and not enough on the former.

Inside the 2017 Enterprise Learning Buyer Report 

In this year’s report, you’ll see that traditional approaches and next-generation solutions are not mutually exclusive. We examine what is driving buyer decisions and impeding progress in order to succeed, and take a deep dive into the shift in corporate learning and how buyers and vendors are responding (and need to respond). In the report, we:

  • Look at next-generation learning’s impact on the market (and pull out the key market themes and takeaways for vendors)
  • Predict what the future holds for the LMS (is it really dead?)
  • Discuss the role that learning is playing in the emergence of engagement solutions
  • Present market buying trends you need to know about

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