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Remote work: Temporary or forever?

Debate: Is the massive switch to remote work going to stick around after COVID-19 passes, or is it just a (required) fad?

SHRM says nah, Twitter says yeah, and Barclay’s CEO says, “I guess we don’t need that giant office building anymore.”

Of course, the conversation is more nuanced than that: It’s not about full remote or full on-site, but probably a mixture between the two. Twitter, for example, is allowing its employees to work from home permanently if they want.

We all know the benefits of remote work, but we also know the world is changing dramatically.

Randall Krozner, professor of economics at Chicago Booth, believes the world won’t simply return to normal, with some steps in that direction, but slower than many hope for.

“It’ll be a more fundamental change in the long run,” Krozner says. “We’ll see changes in the supply chain, changes in the way consumers behave. And this will actually be a much deeper change than we saw after the tragedy of 9/11 or after we saw in the financial crisis.”

What’s your take? Think you’ll work from home forever?