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#ShitBretSays — I’ve Got Clean Underwear and a Toothbrush. Road Trip.

It is getting dangerously close to Christmas. We take holidays pretty seriously around here at The Starr Conspiracy. Between holiday parties and Ocho’s killer job decorating the office, there are a few celebrations we don’t mess around with: Halloween, fantasy football, and the winter bundle of holidays.

TSC founder Bret Starr is full of wisdom. We hope his spontaneity rubs off on you this holiday season and you take that vacation time you so deserve. According to Bret, all you need is clean underwear and a toothbrush.

Road Trip-Wallpaper

What is #ShitBretSays?

Turns out that our founder, Bret Starr, is full of bite-sized wisdom. We asked people who knew Bret well — friends, colleagues — we didn’t ask his wife yet, but that may be the next evolution of #ShitBretSays — and they gave us some gems from Bret’s mind.

It’s kind of like Being John Malkovich only we’re not charging an entrance fee.

Instead, we’re giving you free goodies.

Every Tuesday, you can check back on The Starr Conspiracy Facebook page for the latest in the #ShitBretSays saga.

You can download the wallpaper for this week’s #ShitBretSays in any of the following sizes:

Have fun! Be adventurous this season. Do something outrageous. Maybe work on your dance moves.

Where are you taking your toothbrush and underwear this holiday season?